How we define quality

For over a decade we´ ve been developing the fabrics, being used today in Grand Design´ s tailor-made bed linen. The products are designed in Sweden

and manufactured by our hand-picked tailors in Portugal, the artisanal way. Before the product actually leave the factory it must first undergo and pass our thorough quality control. After approval, our quality certificate is sealed withing the packaging as a token of our commitment and focus. Tailor-made.

On Grand Design we consider the meaning of quality, that our bed linen should feel very soft and crisp from day one. And so should they remain to feel, wash after wash, year after year. Color, shape, seams and buttons should look just as good over time, as when being purchased. As for the consumer, knowing our products will be available more than just a season, we hope them to rest assured knowing further completion of the same article is always an option.
Today Grand Design offers three different qualities: a cotton percale (TC205), a cotton satin (TC300) and an Oxford Chambray.


Our manufacturing

To achieve our high ambition we work exclusively with the best long staple cotton fiber on the market. This provides us a combed, compact yarn which is more durable and we can avoid roughness in the fabric, such as fuzz and pilling. Of course this is not a standard yarn, rather a conscious choice.

By the yarn number used in the weaing, you can determine performance characteristics. Looking at the high-end bedding markets world wide, the yarn numbers used ranges in average between 40-100. Grand Design´  s bed linen fabrics ranges in average yarn number 60 (single).

The thread count is another way to determine quality. It basically tells you the amount of threads going in to a limited space in the fabric during weaving.
To establish the actual TC (thread count), you add up the yarns from the warp and weft. A normal quality indicator is 200TC. Grand Design´  s bed linen ranges between 205-300TC, placing us well above the limit. The thinner yarn, the higher yarn number, remember that.

Once the fabric is woven you need to make a finishing, in order to help retain the endurance of its look and feeling. We use the mercerizing and sanfor process. Treatment made to increase the strength, sofness and lutser of the fabric.

What makes us most proud is still the final touch: the fact that all our bed linens are tailor-made in Europe. By hand-picking the most skillful crafsmen in Portugal, we can guarantee you only the best product in every aspect either you are looking to update your bedroom or working on that big hotel project.